3 Energy Efficiency Air Conditioning Tips

Energy Efficiency The air conditioner is probably one of the most extensive electrical equipment in many Missourian homes. Continuously running it can make the electricity bills hit the roofs since the unit consumes a tremendous amount of electricity than other appliances.

It is worth noting that our air conditioners play a significant role in cooling us during the hot summer season. Saving on utility bills during these natural peak seasons may seem daunting especially if you are an economic-conscious homeowner. However, you still save some dollars with these three energy efficiency tips.

1. Try Super Cooling

The concept behind supercooling is to shift the cooling of your home. Supercooling has proved to be a convenient solution to air conditioning bills. It is most useful during hot summers when electricity costs get significantly higher than the average rates. For the idea to work, you need to have studied your electricity usage pattern and have a time-of-use plan.

A time-of-use or time-of-day plan provides you with cheaper electricity bills at various hours of the day. To cheaply cool your home, you have to set the thermostat way too low during the night or throughout the low rate period and back up when the rates hike up.

The whole idea may look like a gaming unit but once seriously practiced, may cut your electricity bill up to 40 percent. Knowing when to take advantage of the off-peak hours can go a long way toward saving your air conditioning bills.

2. Maintenance

Your air conditioner may be consuming more electricity than required due to lack of some basic tune-ups. Routine maintenance does not only prolong the lifespan of your HVAC system but also ensure its working to its maximum capability. Not servicing your AC system, on the other hand, may overwork it from the clogged ducts.

Minor tasks such as replacing the filters, checking the ducts for leakage, cleaning, removing debris, replacing and checking the insulation at the beginning of every season will keep your Ac running efficiently all through the season. Schedule an appointment with a licensed professional HVAC company to perform the servicing every once a year.

3. Clean Your Home and Rearrange Furniture

During summer, a lot of dust particles are blown into the air and may often find their way into your home. Your AC then blows them around the house, and they end up settling on your furniture and the carpets. Some get trapped in the AC filters and if not cleaned may tamper with the functionality of the HVAC system. Consider cleaning and vacuuming your home often and rearrange the furniture that may be obstructing the air conditioning vents or the cold air from reaching the whole house.

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