Air Conditioning Maintenance

When it comes to AC repair Kansas City residents know and trust Apex HVAC. While we pride ourselves on fast, affordable, and trustworthy emergency AC repair, we also offer AC service agreements and annual maintenance. When you schedule your air conditioning maintenance with us, we send out a certified technician who thoroughly inspects and cleans your equipment. All of our maintenance visits include the following:

  • Condenser coil – This is cleaned and all dirt and debris is removed. Dirty condenser coils can raise your refrigerant pressure and increase your electric bill. In addition, dirt and debris build up can clog your condenser and put extra strain on your unit which may lead to breakdown.
  • Refrigerant charge – We use a special process to check your refrigerant. A low or high refrigerant charge can easily go unnoticed and increase the cost to operate your air conditioner by almost 30%. Also, it could cause your compressor to shut down.
  • Controls, safeties, and wirings – Our technician will inspect all components of your equipment including thermostats, controls, safety shut offs, and wires to ensure proper operation and safety. This will help keep your unit running all summer long.
  • Motors and bearings – During your maintenance visit your technician will lubricate all moving parts of your unit. Improperly lubricated equipment will eventually fail so it is important to have this done annually to make sure your air conditioner keeps working as efficiently as possible.
  •      Blower motor, compressor, and condenser fans – The motors of these components are checked with a voltage and amp draw. Improper voltage and amp draw can increase the cost of running your unit while shortening its lifespan.
  •      Repairs – During your visit, your technician will recommend any repairs that may be necessary. We will also quote a price and make sure that you understand why the repair is important. We pride ourselves on transparency and customer satisfaction.

It is best to schedule your comprehensive service visit before you start using your air conditioner regularly. Call us today to help prolong the life of your equipment, decrease operating costs, and make it less likely you will need emergency HVAC repair.