Benefits of Split Heating & Cooling Systems

Technology in the heating and air conditioning industry has come a long way with new technologies being introduced now and then. One of the HVAC types gaining popularity nowadays is split heating and cooling systems otherwise called ductless air conditioning systems. They are small HVAC systems mounted on the wall with an outdoor unit. Here are benefits of the system over conventional HVAC systems.

Fast and easy installation 

Our technicians install the split HVAC systems quite fast as they do not require an elaborate vent system. Therefore, there will not be many modifications at home during installations. The walls and windows will remain intact and house cooler.


Ductless air conditioners are known to be over 20 percent more efficient than the traditional window or central air conditioning units. This means that they use less power and perform better than the other heating and cooling technologies.

Save on your power

Unlike the centralized heating and cooling systems, the split heating and cooling system allow you to cool specific rooms of the house at certain times. You only use it when someone gets into the room thereby saving on energy. Its efficiency also leads to lower energy consumption.

Low noise

Most of the traditional air conditioning systems make a heavy rumbling sound when working to their full capacity. You may have sleepless nights and uncomfortable days in that kind of noise. Fortunately, the split systems have a low hum even when working to their full capacity.


Ductless air conditioners are small. It almost looks like part of your wall and ceiling. It can be installed in small rooms and areas with low ceiling without taking much of the space. A 3-inch opening is enough to connect the indoor unit to the outdoor unit.

Do you need to change your air conditioning system or install one in your new home? Contact Apex today. We will help you choose the right ductless air conditioning unit for your house and install it quickly and efficiently. For all your heating and cooling needs, choose Apex!