Can Air Conditioning Cause Sinus Problems?

Air quality and its effect on the sinusAir conditioners are great. They help reduce humidity in a room and they filter out dust, pollen, and dust. Even though air conditioners may help make your home more comfortable, they may also lead to sinus infections. The following are some of the reasons why your air conditioner may cause sinus infections.

Cold Air

Your AC circulates cold air. Cold air may lead to congestion of sinuses. It may also result in a running nose. Cold air may irritate the membranes of our sinuses. It leads to excessive production of mucus and consequently, a running nose. Air conditioners reduce humidity in the air which may also trigger sinus problems. The problem may be especially worse for people who suffer from allergies. To remedy the problem, use air conditioners with clean filters. Change your filters regularly. If your filters are clean and in good working condition, they may help to prevent the occurrence of sinus problems.

Spread Of Allergens

When circulating air, your AC may also be circulating toxic chemicals, mold, and pollen grains through your home. If you do not perform regular maintenance services on your AC, mold may grow on the coils. Coils and ducts create the perfect environment for the growth of mildew. The spread of allergens in your home may lead to spread of sinus problems. To prevent the problem, perform regular maintenance services on your AC. Always get the help of a certified professional.

Poor Circulation of Air

Your air conditioner only circulates the air in your home. If there is a buildup of allergens or bacteria in the year, it circulates through your home over and over again. It goes through the ducts and filters, into your home, and back into your AC again. To prevent the problem, change your filters regularly. If you suspect that there may be mold in your ductwork, do not run your AC until it is checked by a certified AC technician. Do not run your AC if you already have a buildup of dust or pollen in your home. Fix the issue as soon as you can.

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