How to Clean a Furnace

Keeping your furnace clean is an important step in maintaining it. If a furnace is dirty, it can burn higher amounts of electric and/or gas fuel or work less effectively. A build up of dirt can cause problems in 3 areas of the furnace such as the filter system, the blower, and the heat exchanger. If left uncleaned it can cause further damage, and possibly result in the need for a new furnace. You should familiarize yourself on how to effectively clean each area of the furnace for continued furnace maintenance to keep it running smoothly.

Turn off the unit

Make sure the unit is turned off before performing any maintenance. Locate the access panel on the outside of the furnace and remove it so you can inspect the furnace thoroughly.

Inspect for damage

Inspect the filter for dirt or damage by holding it up to a light. If the filter appears dirty, it needs to be cleaned or replaced. If a filter is dirty, it will dust and debris throughout your home causing poor air quality.


If your filter is not disposable, remove any dirt with mild soap and water. Clean out all dust and debris from the furnace itself by using a vacuum around the motor and blower. In the smaller or wider areas of the furnace you may need special tools to get a deep clean depending on your unit. Vacuum/clean ducts and make sure there are no leaks. Apply the necessary motor oil before closing the furnace back up.

Furnace maintenance

Remember that you should inspect your filter regularly. Furnace filters should be changed or cleaned three or four times a year to avoid costly furnace repair. Set a reminder on your calendar.

When to call in a Pro

These tips are meant as DIY instructions for cleaning and maintaining your furnace. But should you have more complicated problems it’s best to call in a professional service. Look for BBB accredited, and NATE certified technicians, in the heating and cooling services companies located in Grain Valley, MO.

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