How Weather Impacting Roads And Electrical Power In Missouri Causes Damage To Your Home

During the recent storms in Missouri, 200,000 customers were left without power. Many trees had fallen on cars and properties and the firefighters were called to rescue victims from under the rubble. The bad weather impacting roads and electrical power in Missouri has also been causing lots of problems for local residents. Storms can cause many issues as they mess up electrical systems in people’s homes.

Missouri, as well as other parts of the US, has experienced big weather storms that cause huge blackouts. When the electricity goes out, this can be a massive inconvenience for the residents. The problem worsens when people rely on their AC units to cool or warm their homes.

The electrical systems of homes are designed to use AC (alternating current) electricity. When there are weather disturbances, large currents will flow in power transmission cables. As these systems use extremely high voltage to transfer power to long distances, they are dangerous and pose a threat when there is a heavy storm.

Every home should have transformers that convert high voltage electricity to lower voltage. These work great with all the appliances in the house, however, if they are damaged by a storm, they will fail the whole electrical system and cause a blackout. As a homeowner there are many ways you can protect your home from storm damage.

Start by inspecting your house and garden to spot any potential problems. Look for tall trees with overgrown branches as they can damage roof tiles and fences. Also make sure you park your car in a safe place away from trees. If you have a garage or carport, you can keep your vehicle away from possible dangers.

Garden furniture can also get damaged by strong winds. Before the next storm, dismantle all the items and store them indoors. Remember that the strong wind can blow away anything that is loose in the patio, including bird feeders, trampolines, and swings.

Ice and snow can be harsh weather conditions that play havoc with your home. Ice can crack the water pipes and make the driveway slippery. Always insulate the pipes before the next freeze and clear the icy paths with grit. You should also cover your BBQ in order to protect it from rain. The air conditioning unit should be unplugged so that an electrical surge doesn’t damage the system.

Ice is the number one enemy to a house in the winter months. Not only does it freeze pipes, but it also causes internal flooding. Preventing such disasters is key. By leaving your water tap on drip during the night, you will help it from freezing. It is also important to keep the heater on a timer to stop your pipes freezing during the day. Another helpful tip is not to wait until the next weather warning before protecting your home from a storm. It is better to eliminate the risks posed by adverse weather in advance. You can also contact a reliable HVAC company to service your AC units before the winter comes.

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