Making The Transition To Football Weather

During the hottest days of summer, it is difficult to think ahead about the cooler weather which will arrive soon. In Kansas City pre-season tailgating weather comes along with the change of seasons. The temperatures are still warm, but not so warm as to make meeting friends and sports fans for a tailgate party uncomfortable. Pre-season for fans of the Kansas City Chief typically happens when the weather is uncomfortably warm, so the need for advance preparation is critical.

Pre-planning ensures that hot foods are hot and cold foods are cold. There are menu items that are easy to adapt to a gathering of football fans prior to the game. Although the most important features of the gathering may be the companionship and good-natured cheering on of the home-town team, the food and drink is something that must be included in the preparations.

Pre-planning can prepare the menu items for the party in advance. In this case, the items can be refrigerated overnight in order to keep it in a condition for maximum safety. Preparing easy to manage menu items allows the host to enjoy the party as well as the other participants. All foods which are served should be chosen for the ability to handle a temperature that is warmer than what would be typical during the regular football season.

Food safety is a key element of tailgate party planning. The food should be chosen that won’t be damaged by excessive outdoor temperatures. Snacks such as trail mix types, chips, and salsa are foods which are not usually subject to the growth of salmonella or other organisms. For more elaborate tailgate party snacks, think about bringing a small grill and grilling burgers, and roasting ears or similar foods for a change of pace.

The tools which are included in the pre-planning include a grill, charcoal, starting fluid and cooking utensils. A way to hold ice in order to keep sodas and other beverages cold is another requirement. In addition to snacks of the chips and nuts type, any meat which is uncooked offers a risk of contamination. Extreme care in keeping any raw foods carefully stored and handled during the cooking and serving process is a crucial need.

For the benefit of all attendees of the party, including the host, keeping things simple is important. No one wants to spend the pre-game period worrying about cleaning up after messy guests. The use of paper plates or easily disposable wrappings means there is no food residue to be dealt with. Adding pre-moistened wipes keeps the fingers and faces free of barbecue sauce or burger drippings.

Another activity which makes sense in the late-summer season is that of air conditioner installs Kansas City MO home and business owners need. The end of the season is a time when the dealers may not be as busy as they are during other parts of the year. The price may even be lowered in order to upgrade the inventory.

Planning ahead for a tailgate party just makes good sense; so does the installation of a high-quality HVAC Kansas City MO system. The new system will be ready to handle the remaining days of summer with cleaned and climate-controlled interior air.

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