September 15, 2018

Does Rain Damage My Heating and Cooling System Over Time?

When the rain starts to pour outside, it is common for homeowners to be concerned about their HVAC systems. Going without a functioning HVAC unit can be unpleasant during any time of year. Therefore, there are a few important points that everyone should keep in mind. Rain Water and HVAC Units Some people may wonder whether or not the rainwater can get into the electrical system and damage some of the wirings. Fortunately, almost every HVAC unit is built with a tough exterior that will prevent rainwater from leaking into the unit itself and harming the electrical wiring, gears, and components inside. If a drop or two leaks into the system, the rushing air throughout the unit should be enough to dry out the rainwater before it causes any problem. If the rainwater starts to get heavier to the point that standing water is starting to pool around the unit, problems could start to develop. Flooding can Damage an HVAC System If the rainwater starts to increase, flooding to the point where water is starting to pool several inches above the ground can start to enter the HVAC unit. This water can damage some of the moving parts and electrical...

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