July 14, 2018

Do I Need an Air Cleaner?

Air cleaners keep your home cleaner by filtering out mold, dirt, and microscopic pollutants. They remove impurities from the air, so your whole family breathes easier. Air passes through a filter in your HVAC system, where the debris is collected and removed from your home. Typically, an air cleaner is located between the return duct and your AC or furnace, and it keeps dust and debris from building up in your equipment. Reasons You May Need an Air Cleaner You are an animal lover with allergies. If you love animals and have pets, you’re exposed to hair, pet dander and fur due to your close relationship with your little buddies. Many people have or develop allergies to this debris, but an air cleaner filters this dander and other detritus for a cleaner and healthier environment. For families with small children and pets, an air cleaner is an excellent investment for sensitive lungs. Your house doesn’t smell as clean as it should. Sensitivity to smells can be bothersome and make you sick. Unpleasant smells develop in your living area and workspace, but placing an air cleaner strategically helps you eliminate unwanted odor. Asthma and respiratory diseases make you vulnerable to dirty...

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