October 25, 2018

How Long Should My Furnace Last?

As important as a furnace is to a modern building, it is arguably one of the least fun purchases to make and certainly not something you hope to have to replace again in the future. How long can you expect your furnace last is a routine question for the HVAC technician when replacing or repairing an older unit. The fact is, there isn’t necessarily a convenient answer. Sure, it’s safe to say about ten to fifteen years is a reasonable expectation for the lifetime of a furnace, but such an assumption relies on a multitude of conditions and depends on how the unit is treated over time to actually be true. Local Area and Weather Conditions One of the first considerations of how long a furnace can be expected to last is what the local weather conditions are like. Obviously, a building in the northern parts of the United States are going to use the furnace more often than how often the furnace on a northern building gets used and therefore need replacement sooner. Unit Placement The placement of the actual unit, and to some extent the land around the building can also have an effect on how long the...

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