December 17, 2018

Tips to Combat the Cold Winters in Kansas City, MO

Getting through cold and potentially harsh winters in Kansas, Missouri requires more than simply turning on your furnace and hoping for the best. When you want to remain warm and comfortable in your home, there are a few tips to keep in mind as the cooler winter months approach. Consider The Insulation in Your Home Insulation plays a major role in a home’s ability to maintain heat, even during mild temperatures. Have your home’s insulation updated or inspected to ensure the source of the cold in your home is not due to the walls themselves. Close Unused Vents Shut any unused vents and shut the doors to rooms that receive low foot traffic. If you do not spend time in an area of your home closing the vents allows for more heat distribution through areas that are most frequently used. Bundle Up Always wear appropriate clothing and bundle up as the colder months begin to arrive in Missouri. Wear heavy wool socks, slippers, and long-sleeved shirts while layering up to avoid overusing your thermostat and furnace unnecessarily. Inspect Your Furnace Inspect your home’s furnace to verify that it is working properly. Ensure your pilot light is blue and not yellow...

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