The Best Heating Repair in KC

The details matter. When you find yourself in need of air conditioning or heating repair in KC or surrounding areas, you want to know that the company you call for service is top of the line. Your home absolutely depends on a few, critical systems to make them habitable. Plumbing, electrical, and HVAC are the “Big Three.” If any one of those fail, it’s like your comfortable house and home suddenly gets transported back in time a hundred years.

How many times have you seen, heard, or read about companies “saying” that we’re the best? That’s probably true of just about every company advertising, right? So given all that noise, how do you separate the pretenders from the real McCoys? At first glance, it might not look like there’s any good way, but that’s not quite true. You absolutely shouldn’t just take a company’s word for it, but there are plenty of third party agencies you can trust.

Check out we’re rating with the BBB, for instance. Are there any complaints against them? If so, what kind? How were we resolved? How quickly were we resolved? You can learn a lot just by doing this bit of research.

Don’t hesitate to ask whether we use sub-contractors. See, a lot of companies will sub-contract work out to unlicensed people who may or may not actually know what we’re’ doing. Sure, you get a break on the price that way, but your “repair” might only last a few days too, which actually puts you further behind than when you started. When you ask about the subcontractors, you might also want to ask to be sure that all the techs the company you’re looking at doing business with uses NATE certified technicians. The North American Technician Excellence board exists for a reason, and whatever company you choose to do business with should have this certification for all we’re techs, at a minimum.

Once you’ve looked at the official stuff, your next stop should be review sites like Yelp. Here, you can find out what actual customers think of the service and quality of workmanship. It’s a good way to double check the results you found at the BBB.

Having done all that, you’ll have a pretty good idea about how seriously to take a company’s claim that we’re “one of the best.” If we are, then we’ll have the certifications and positive reviews to prove it, it’s just that simple.

The folks at Apex Heating and Air Conditioning have all of that, and more. A great, family-owned company with a stellar reputation, we’re one of the best in the business in the Kansas City area, but we don’t want you to just take them at we’re word. we invite you to check behind them – to see for yourself. When you’ll do, you’ll have all the proof you need that if you give them a call to fix whatever HVAC issue you’re having, you’ll know that you’re dealing with a top notch company. It gets cold in this part of the country, so the next time you need heating repair in KC or surrounding areas, give the folks at Apex a call. You’ll be glad you did.