To Repair or to Replace: The Air Conditioner Question

Are you struggling to decide if you want to spend the money to replace your air conditioner, or if you want to continue scheduling air conditioning repair in Kansas City MO? The current system’s performance, quality of air produced, energy efficiency, and age are all important factors, but many times it comes down to cost. Consider:

Frequency and cost of repairs – If you’re having your current cooling system frequently repaired, you should take a look at how much you’ve spent to keep it running. If you continue with this pattern of repairs, how quickly will you reach the amount a new system costs with what you’ve spent already on repairs?

Reduced costs with energy efficiency – New systems are much more energy efficient than older systems, there’s no doubt about it. Take a look at the projected costs for cooling your home with a new, energy efficient system relative to what you’re spending now. If you upgrade, how quickly will the savings account for the initial cost of the new system?

Whatever you decide, the team at Apex HVAC is here for you. We offer great products at affordable prices, as well as maintenance and repair services to care for your current system.