What is a Good SEER Rating?

SEER Rating Deciding what type of air conditioner to go with is a tough challenge. With so many different options out there, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. There are many different factors to keep in mind and it is important for everyone to try and find an HVAC unit that can do its job well without breaking the bank on utility bills or maintenance costs. One of the values that people often get held up on is the SEER rating. What does this mean and why is it important?

What Does the SEER Rating Mean?

People should know that the word SEER stands for “Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio.” It has also been quoted as the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating. In order to calculate the SEER rating, the cooling output of the air conditioner during a typical season (which is often the warmer months) is divided by the total amount of energy that it consumes over that time period (measured as Watt-Hours). It is used to figure out how much cooling the air conditioner can do if provided a certain amount of energy. The SEER rating assumes that the indoor temperature is held at a constant value but that the temperature of the outdoors varies.

What is a “Good” Rating?

Like many other values, the idea of a “good” SEER rating means different things to different people. Most of the HVAC units made today will have a minimum SEER rating of around 13 or 14 but there are some units that could have a rating as high as 25. It all depends on the technological capabilities of the unit itself. While a value of 13 may not sound great when compared to one in the 20s, it is important to know that older air conditioner units had SEER ratings in the single digits. Therefore, anyone who invests in a modern air conditioner is going to notice an upgrade over their older unit.

With the Assistance of a Trained Professional

In the end, making a decision on an HVAC unit is a tough decision. There are lots of options out there and there are many different factors that a potential homeowner is going to want to consider before making a choice. The goal is to find a unit that will do its job well without breaking during the hottest times of the year. Therefore, asking a trained professional for help is a good idea. The trained professionals with Apex HVAC in Kansas City are always willing to help those in need. Don’t hesitate to call today with any questions or concerns.

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