Why Humid is Better in the Winter

In the middle of the summer, humidity can have a negative connotation and evoke images of people rushing to the nearest swimming pool, but in the winter, it is important to have humidity in your home both for the health of your family and the overall efficiency of heating your home. Here are some crucial reasons to make sure your home humidity levels are at a reasonable level this time of year:

  1. Overly dry air can cause negative health effects for you and your family. Bloody and dry noses, cracked and bleeding lips, sore throats, and breathing difficulties are just a few of the potentially harmful ways dry air can affect the health of your loved ones.
  2. This dry air can also lead to breathing issues. Because of the way dust thrives in a dry environment and the combination of that with sore and parched throats and lungs, respiratory issues can be heightened or developed in a low-humidity environment.
  3. Your heater will work more efficiently in a more humid environment. Not only is it easier to heat humid air, humid air also feels warmer to the skin (exactly why you DON’T love a hot, humid day in mid-July), and therefore allows the thermostat to be set to a lower temperature. This will save you money both in the heating process and the temperature level.

Don’t waste another winter day dealing with chapped lips and a dry throat. Contact the experts at Apex for more information about how a Whole-House Humidifier can save you money and discomfort, or to schedule Independence furnace repair.